If you are not happy with the service you have received or if we have failed to meet your expectations, we would like you to tell us about it so we can address your concerns and help improve our service to others. You may wish to contact the officer involved directly to discuss your concerns or you may prefer to discuss them with the officer’s supervisor. You can find contact details for officers and supervisors in frontline departments via our online directory. If you are dissatisfied with some aspect of the police service or our staff then you can complete our online comments form or you may make a complaint against the police.

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What can I complain about?

You can complain about behaviour that has directly affected you, adversely affected you or you have witnessed. If you wish to make a complaint on behalf of someone else who falls into one of the above categories, you require written permission from the person affected. Solicitors must also gain such written permission if they are acting on a person’s behalf.

If you think that a police officer or member of police staff has behaved incorrectly or unfairly, you have a right to make a complaint.

People who work in the police service should behave appropriately at all times. Expectations about the behaviour of both police officers and staff are set out in the Code of Ethics.

These expectations include requirements to:

If you feel that someone working for the police has not met these standards, you can make a complaint. These types of complaints are dealt with under the Police Reform Act 2002.

If you wish to comment on other aspects of policing or give us positive or negative feedback, you can do so by using the comments section of this website.